Let's build something that your users will love.

Open Consulting is a design and development consultancy that brings your digital product ideas to life.

Our services

Web development

We help creating fast and user friendly web applications.

Mobile development

From quickly build clickable prototypes and ready-to-deploy mobile apps for any device

ERP/Ecommerce development & integration

Rolling out fully functional management, tracking, and booking appliations.


Javascript consulting
Clojure consulting
Go consulting
Python consulting
Ruby consulting
Gogole Cloud
Digital Ocean

Experiences and skills you need

We’ve built partnerships with leading brands that have lasted nearly a decade thanks to the level of care & attention we provide.

Small team, big results

You’ll be working with a small, dedicated team built to fit the needs of your project. Each team works on one project at a time to stay focused. We use tools like Trello, Slack and GitHub to communicate frequently.

How it works at Open Consulting
How we like to work:
  • In small teams of two to four
  • With consistent communication
  • In weekly iterations of focused work
  • Flexibly based on project needs