Empowering Fishers: Building a Revolutionary Mobile App for Siam Brothers

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Jenny PhamJenny Pham


In a quest to revolutionize the fishing industry in Vietnam, Siam Brothers turned to our expert team to build their first mobile application. The objective was clear: connect fishers across the country and empower them with an innovative ecommerce platform. What followed was an extraordinary journey that combined technology, user behavior insights, and a deep understanding of the fishing community's needs.

Connecting Fishers to a Thriving Ecommerce Hub:

At the core of the mobile application lies a visionary concept—to create a vibrant ecommerce ecosystem where fishers can sell their fishing utilities directly to their target audience. With our expertise in mobile app development, we seamlessly connected Siam Brothers to the vast majority of fishers across Vietnam, bridging the gap between sellers and buyers in a single, user-friendly platform.

Unleashing the Power of Video Calls:

Understanding the unique communication preferences of fishers, we integrated an intriguing feature into the app—an immersive video call capability. Fishers have long relied on direct phone calls to make purchasing decisions. By seamlessly blending video calls into the app, we provided fishers with an interactive and personalized buying experience. Through this innovation, Siam Brothers effectively transformed how fishers connect with their clients, creating meaningful relationships that drive sales.

Catering to User Behavior and Convenience:

To optimize the user experience, we delved deeper into user behavior patterns. Our team recognized that before transitioning to chat-based communication, we needed to align with fishers' existing preferences. By analyzing customer behavior and interactions within the app, we strategically extended the application's capabilities. This approach ensured a seamless transition for users, making chat-based communication more convenient and cost-effective when the time was right.

Beyond Ecommerce: Ensuring Safe and Successful Fishing Trips:

At Siam Brothers, the vision extended beyond ecommerce. Recognizing the importance of safety, we helped build an All-in-One (AIO) app that incorporated a crucial weather broadcast feature. Fishers need up-to-date weather information for a successful trip at sea, and our app delivered just that. By seamlessly integrating government weather broadcasts, fishers can now embark on their fishing adventures with confidence, knowing they have the latest updates at their fingertips.

Optimizing for Offline Connectivity:

Building an app that caters to fishers' unique challenges required an innovative approach. We optimized the network infrastructure to ensure seamless functionality, even in areas with limited internet connectivity. By prioritizing offline-first architecture, the app continues to deliver exceptional performance, enabling fishers to access critical information and complete transactions even when they are far from the shore, where connectivity is often unreliable.


The collaboration between Siam Brothers and our software consulting team resulted in the successful creation of a groundbreaking mobile application. By leveraging our expertise in Swift, Kotlin, and Figma, we crafted a super app that revolutionized the fishing industry. Empowering fishers with a robust ecommerce platform, immersive video call capabilities, and essential weather updates, Siam Brothers now leads the way in connecting fishers and driving their businesses forward.

Technology stacks: Swift, Kotlin, Twilio, Rust, Typescript